What is circumcision

Circumcision is a surgical procedure that removes the foreskin (prepuce) that typically covers the glans penis. It can be performed in office settings and in the operating room.  Typically newborn circumcision if performed in the office under local anesthesia using a device called a Gomco clamp.  For older boys and men circumcision can be performed in office settings under local anesthesia or in procedure or operating room under regional,  sedation or general anesthesia.  There are many reasons why men choose to have a circumcision.   Some men are circumcised at birth or in infancy by the parents.  There are many reasons why families an individual men choose to have a circumcision.

Some men choose to be circumcised for aesthetic reasons and to improve penile hygiene.  Some families circumcise their boys at birth for the early childhood for religious reasons or as a family or cultural tradition.  Some women prefer circumcised men for hygienic reasons.

The rate of circumcision varies significantly in different countries and cultures.  In the United States anywhere from 30-60% of men are circumcised.   In many parts of Europe circumcision is very rare.  Among Jews circumcision is nearly universal due to cultural and religious importance of the procedure. Circumcision is also common in some Muslim countries.

Do you know if you are circumcised?