Latest Study Suggests that Circumcision May Lower the Risk of Herpes (HSV)

A large study of American men showed that the risk of herpes infection is lower among circumcised compared to uncircumcised men. Overall more than 60% of American men are infected or have been exposed to herpes.  The high prevalence of the disease explains the notable benefit of circumcision.

The same study did not find that circumcision protects American men from HIV.  This is most likely a result of much lower prevalence of HIV in American men, than in African men as well designed studies have demonstrated that in many areas of high prevalence of HIV in Africa circumcision decreases the chances of HIV transmission.  It is likely that are much larger studies need to be performed to demonstrate the benefit of circumcision on HIV transmission in the USA.





MP16-20: Circumcision Status and HIV, HSV, and HPV: A Contemporary Analysis of U.S. Men Using the National Health and Nutrition Survey (NHANES). 
Briony K. Varda*, Boston, MA, Philip J. Cheng, Bost, MA, Marc Cendron, Steven L. Chang, Boston, MA